Leya Falcon ~ White Slavery ~ BlackPayBack.com ~ HD 720p

When a cracker bih be so caught up with watchin my favorite news anchor, "Don Lemon" on the CNNs, you know some edomite cave dwellin bih is going to want to flagellate herself for the black man. There is nothing more powerful than white guilt and the message that brother Shaun King and brother Louie Farrakhan put forth is a message all white sun duckers need to abide by. Brother Rome Major punishes her asshole for her misdeeds, and her guilty cracker ass pink gloves that BBC like a good white slave.

Porno Star: Leya Falcon
Porno Video: White Slavery
Release date: 06.17.19
Porno Studio: BlackPayBack.com

Quality: HD 720p
Duration: 01:08:06
Video: AVC, 1280x720, (16:9), 59.94 Fps, 4977 Kbs
Size: 2.46 Gb

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