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Katrina Moreno watches her boyfriend Lutro work, but this passionate Latina babe cant contain her sexual impulses. She rubs her big tits until her hard nipples pop beneath her shirt, but Lutro is unmoved by her advances. Unwilling to give up, Katrina pops those puppies out of her shirt and lifts them into Lutros face until she gets her wish for his hands on her body.

Hefting Katrinas heavy jugs tipped with big brown areolas, Lutro gives in to his baser urges. He jiggles Katarinas equipment as she peels off her shirt, but is quick enough to give in to her silent demand that he lay down on the bed. Katarina rewards him with a puffy lip blowjob. Rearing back, she presses her boobs together for a busty titty fuck

Turning around to give Lutro a show, Katrina peels off her shorts. Then she climbs aboard, sliding down on Lutros fuck stick so she can lean forward to stick her breasts in his face. Her hips move in a sinuous motion to create delicious friction while her bazongas jiggle to the beat. Lutro indulges himself by squeezing the fun bags between his big hands, then slides his hands down to urge Katrina off his dick so she can scoot forward.

Repositioned on Lutros face, Katrina keeps the party going with her thrusting now gliding her clit over her boyfriends tongue. Reaching forward to rub her clit in time to the movement of her hips, Katrina keeps it up until shes primed for orgasmic action. Then she climbs off onto her hands and knees so Lutro can slam into her from behind. Winding his hand in Katrinas hair, Lutro pulls his girlfriends head back to make the angle of penetration hotter than ever.

Flipping Katrina onto her back, Lutro leans in to lap his girlfriends musk Her landing strip twat is wet and ready for him to reenter from between her thighs. Long, strong strokes keep Katrina moaning as Lutro sets a perfect pace. Katrina cant keep her hips from bucking as her body explodes with delight.

Pulling out of the warmth of Katrinas fuck hole, Lutro seats his stiffie between his girlfriends breasts. The titty fuck is just what he needs to reach the height of his passion. Letting go of his control, he covers Katrinas chest with his cum shot to leave her covered in his love.

Porno Star: Katrina Moreno
Porno Video: Latin Passion
Release date: 05.28.18
Porno Studio: NFBusty

Quality: HD 720p
Duration: 00:17:05
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Katrina Moreno ~ Latin Passion ~ NFBusty ~ HD 720p