Victoria ~ One Crazy Bitch ~ ~ SD 480p

Victoria ~ One Crazy Bitch ~ ~ SD 480p

Victoria plays a mentally disturbed, possessive ex-wife who would rather see her ex-husband live in misery and alone or die a miserable death along with whoever is around him. She has been building up ti this moment, where she would have enough controlled rage to take his life and those of others. Shed always been sneaky, virtually undetectable and she decided to use it as a weapon.

Porno Star: Victoria
Porno Video: One Crazy Bitch
Release date: 06.24.19
Porno Studio:

Quality: SD 480p
Duration: 00:29:05
Video: AVC, 720x480, (3:2), 30 Fps, 4707 Kbs
Size: 1.01 Gb

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